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Total Sport Psychology (TSP)

Enhance Your Performance on the EuroPro Tour with the TSP Sport Psychologist

  • Are you tired of performing below your capabilities?
  • Do you want to play better tournament golf?

If any of the above sound familiar then you could benefit from a session with the TSP team. Allison provides on-site performance coaching services.

Sport Psychology

Allison provides practical and easy to use strategies that will help you to:

  • Cope with pressure and achieve consistency with your game.
  • Enhance your concentration and decision making processes.
  • Create a robust mental approach to your tournament play.
  • Prepare effectively and feel confidence in your game.
  • Re-invent your practice sessions.
  • Find the right frame of mind to play your best golf.


Performance Coaching Package: Ask for details

  • Four one-to-one hour sessions throughout the year.
  • Four follow up summary reports - outlining our key comments, reflections and agreed action plans.
  • Mental Toughness articles, guidelines, leaflets, worksheets etc.
  • At least one 6 hole practice round observation.
  • One 6 hole practice round follow up report.
  • At least one 6 hole competitive round observation.
  • One 6 hole competitive round observation follow up report.
  • Telephone and email contact as necessary.

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