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Golf Mental Toughness Questionnaire

Within 72 hours of submitting this questionnaire you will receive a summary of the key mental skills we would recommend you work on (based on your responses to the questionnaire).

Please note this is for information purposes only and will not commit you to our services.

Payment will only be required should you decide to make a booking.

Q1: Generally, I play on the course as well as I do in practice.

Q2: I can consistently find the right frame of mind to play my best golf.

Q3: I tend to play consistently.

Q4: I rarely let a bad shot affect my next shot.

Q5: I don't tend to be distracted on the course e.g. by score lines, the mechanics of each shot or self-destructive thoughts.

Q6: I would describe my practice sessions as quality as opposed to quantity.

Q7: My motivation to practice is good.

Q8: I would describe myself as a confident golfer.

Q9: I am good at coping with pressure.

Q10: I use visualisation techniques to practice my swing and/or prepare for performance.

Q11: I have never experienced the yips.

Q12: I have got a pre-shot routine that I can rely on under pressure.

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